SolRockers Record STORE

The grand opening of SolRockers Record Store is almost here!

– Inside the shop are NFT Albums to MINT!

– Each album will be limited to a specific quantity and be very limited.

– Artwork will be by up and coming artists both known and underground.

– Collecting the albums will grant you roles as well as potentially various songs that will be used with the game.

– Stake and earn

– Don’t miss out, first come first serve!

Mint on 5/14/23 @10am EST

Gen 0 SolRockers

SolRockers are hard rock influenced NFT art assets owned by game players and serve as a $IROC token generator.

The 8,000 NFT collection features:
– Equal number of both male and female characters
– Singers, guitarist, bassist and drummers
– Every NFT is unique
– 10 randomized attributes including clothing, instruments, hair styles and more
– 8 ‘Aces’ NFTs — the rarest of the collection
– Musician type in game special ability

SolRockers Cares about Musicians

A portion of SolRockers NFT sales will be donated to MusiCares which provides a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community.

The Power of Rarity

SolRockers NFT rarity plays a big part in the assets earning potential. Rarity dictates the SolRockers Staking Power, the higher the rarity the higher the earning multiplier is.

Rarity 1-8 = Staking Power of 7
Rarity 9-48 = Staking Power of 5.8
Rarity 49-128 = Staking Power of 5
Rarity 129-288 = Staking Power of 4.2
Rarity 289-528= Staking Power of 3.4
Rarity 529-1000 = Staking Power of 2.8
Rarity 1001-2000 = Staking Power of 2.2
Rarity 2001-4000 = Staking Power of 1.7
Rarity 4001-6000 = Staking Power of 1.4
Rarity 6001-8000 = Staking Power of 1

SolRockers Studio NFTs

These Studio NFTs will be $IROC generators on steroids! Get a hold of one of these 30 Studio NFTs and accumulate that $IROC faster than a speed metal blast-beat. Stake the Studio NFT to the SolRockers staking site on day one of mint and start earning $IROC.

But that’s just the start of a Studio owner’s career. Studio NFTs will give the owner the ability to have their own staking site. Each Studio staking site will be the stomping grounds for Band NFTs – Band NFTs stake and you both earn. Imagine, bands getting paid… Only in the SolRockers ecosystem!

– 30 Studio NFTs up for grabs
– Cost = 100,000 $IROC
– Release date: November 1st
– Where: this website
– Studio NFT $IROC earning staking multiplier = 50x

Band NFT Creation

Don’t be a selfish rocker – Create a SolRcokers Band NFT and let someone else play on your behalf! Then just sit back and collect those sweet royalties.

Band NFTs
– Create and Mint a Band NFT from your favorite SolRockers
– Sell on the leading Solana NFT Marketplaces
– Collect Solana royalties every time the NFT is sold
– Collect $IROC royalties on all claimed game rewards

Backstage Bastards

After all no rocker’s career is complete without a bastard or two. Backstage Pass NFTs are the ticket to debauchery which are used to spawn your offspring. These fruit of your loins grow to be SolRockers Gen 1 NFTs and they come ready to rock!

Gen 1 SolRockers
– Acquire Backstage Pass NFTs to Spawn SolRockers Gen1 NFTs
– All it takes is two SolRockers and a Backstage Pass – lets get the party started!

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SolRockers Bus