Staking SolRockers

Hardest Working Musicians
Your SolRockers NFTs are not just the coolest artwork known to man and the key to playing the upcoming Battle of the Bands rhythm game. They are hard working musicians primed to earn you the coveted $IROC token. All you need to do is stake them to our staking platform and start earning your sweet rewards!

SolRockers Staking Site
The staking platform is easy-to-use and works effortlessly with both browser extension wallets and mobile wallet browsers (like Phantom and Solflare). Stake your SolRockers NFTs and claim $IROC at home or on the go! It features stats like total NFTs staked, daily $IROC payout per NFT, the ability to stake your SolRockers individually or Stake them all at once. The rarity multiplier is displayed under each individual NFT for your viewing pleasure.

Rarity = more $iroc

SolRockers Earning Potential
The more rare your SolRockers NFT is the more $IROC you earn! The NFT rarity dictates its staking multiplier, the higher the multiplier the higher the $IROC earning potential.

Rarity 1-8 = 7x
Rarity 9-48 = 5.8x
Rarity 49-128 = 5x
Rarity 129-288 = 4.2x
Rarity 289-528= 3.4x
Rarity 529-1000 = 2.8x
Rarity 1001-2000 = 2.2x
Rarity 2001-4000 = 1.7x
Rarity 4001-6000 = 1.4x
Rarity 6001-8000 = 1x

Earning equation:
multiplier X base daily payout = total $IROC earned per day

Rarity of 500:
3.4 X 15 $IROC = 51 $IROC per day

The Rarity multiplier will be displayed under each of your NFTs on the staking site.

$iroc UTILITY ?

What can I do with IROC?
What can I do with the $IROC I earn from staking SolRockers NFTs? Well I’m glad you asked.

$IROC is the lifeblood of the SolRockers ecosystem. It will be used for in game Battle of the Bands expenditures like multiplayer wagers for one-on-one battles and touring fees. It will also be used on the SolRockers marketplace to purchase Studio NFTs, Venue NFTs, Band NFTs, and to buy/sell SolGear NFTs.

Find Your Staking Multiplier

Need to find your SolRockers NFT or Studio NFT staking multiplier? Use these helpful lists to cross reference all your SolRockers NFTs and get it’s staking earning potential info!

Our staking site uses a specific static hash list (list of every SolRockers NFT and Studio address) which determines the rarity and staking multiplier for our staking website. Each list’s ‘snap shot’ was taken on 9/3/22 (SolRockers) and 11/2/22 (Studio) and will remain as is. 

IMPORTANT: These lists do not update when NFTs are burnt. They are both static and will not change. 

TIP: click in list and use ‘ctrl-f’ shortcut to find specific edition #.  🙂


SolRockers Staking Leaderboard

Below is a list of SolRockers NFT stakers with helpful information to see where you stand in the pack. The list is updated when time permits so the info included is not always up to date. Snap shot date is stated below.

Do y
ou want to be a top earner of $IROC? Head on over to Magic Eden and pick up a few more SolRockers NFTs!